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Herkula was founded 1894 and since this time we invested our many years of existence into the perfection of our craft to develop and produce speciality inks. We started the development of Continuous Inkjet Inks (CIJ) due to the fact that we received many requests about digital printing inks from our customers, during the last decade.
Various customers explained, that they have different claims with their inks for CIJ printer, therefore we decided to develop our own inks for this kind of printing system. Due to Herkula´s history we´re specialized in colouring and marking of plastic materials using soluble (dye) and pigmented (non-soluble) colorants. The development was focused on the parameter’s adhesion, contrast and above all, stability.

Our Improvements are

  • Less Maintenance
  • Better Adhesion on Various Substrates
  • Less Service Intervals


Our pigmented products in particular are characterized by low sedimentation of the colorants and thus consistent performance. Therefore, we are proud to present different CIJ series: For general purpose application we would recommend our MEK-based (30150) and MEK-free (30152) series. Both series are available with dye based and pigment based colorants. The main focus of our inks concentrates on extrusion application. Therefore, we designed several series for PVC, polyolefinic, PTFE and even silicone substrates.

Serie Solvent Base Colorant* Substrate EIGENSCHAFTEN
30150 MEK D / P General purpose Good adhesion on common materials
30151 MEK D / P HDPE, XLPE, XLPO, PP Specially designed for polyolefinic materials
30152 MEK-free D / P General purpose Good adhesion on common materials
30153 MEK P PVC Non-transfer, alcohol resistant, light fastness
30154 MEK D / P Silicone Non-transfer and excellent adhesion with post heat cure
30155 MEK P Ceramics, Metal Thermal stability up to 800 °C
30156 MEK D / P PTFE Excellent adhesion with post heat cure
30159 MEK D Plastics, Metal (not for PVC) Excellent alcohol resistance
30250 MEK-free P Plastics UV-cure, solvent resistance

Line Marking

Our Series 17215 was developed to mark cables with a line. This marking technique represents an alternative to co-extrusion. To achieve this special kind of printing you need an application wheel with a line as gravure. The main benefit compared to co-ext- rusion is the line-speed and additionally there is no need for different kinds of extrusion compounds. Another benefit is the high pigmentation of the ink to achieve a high contrast on the cable insulation.

Offset Printing

Herkula developed series 17220 for Offset Printing. This technique is also known as Indirect Gravure or Pad Printing. With this type of marking, a metal wheel prints the lettering onto a rubber wheel. This rubber wheel transfers the final print onto the surface of the cable. The main benefit is that uneven surfaces can be clearly printed with the rubber wheel.

Ring Marking

Our products 17202 and 17212 are our different series to mark cables with a ring. Our solvent based inks suit each ring marker which is customary in the market. The inks were developed for the coding of telephone and switch wires with coloured rings.

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Ihr Kontakt für technische Fragen

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