Herkula manufactures for you! 


    Herkula is your reliable and competent partner with many years’ experience and expertise in contract manufacture of inks, dyes and coatings.

    In any batch size ranging from small orders to large quantities, we manufacture solvent and water-based semi-finished and finished products in liquid, gel or paste form. And for more than 30 years we have had the know-how to manufacture radiation-cured products.

    Herkula produces for you if you

    • want to make dyes, lacquers or coatings and your product development and distribution are already in place but you either do not have production facilities or they are not functioning yet.
    • need to bridge capacity bottlenecks in your operations.
    • suffer an incident (e.g. fire) that temporarily shuts down all or some of your production.
    • need support because of a machine failure.
    • sell products that are outside your core competence but still want to have them manufactured under your supervision and according to your stipulations.
    • are unable to meet official requirements or technical prerequisites for a planned production.
    • want to operate with solvents but your production facilities are not equipped against explosion.
    • are unable to satisfy the requirements that will be demanded by the VOC Directive because you use large volumes of solvents.


    Our strengths are

    • customised counselling and support. From the first inquiry through to order completion we are resolutely committed to meeting the specific needs of our customers.
    • compliance with customer-specific requirements: Once we have jointly coordinated procedure and scope of what you expect from us we guarantee that your requirements will be fulfilled.
    • strictest safety regulations in our production satisfying the ATEX Directive (94/9/EC).
    • strictest secrecy of your formulas and manufacturing instructions. Non-disclosure agreements keep your know-how safe with us.
    • consistently high quality, also guaranteed through our quality and environment certification (ISO 9001 and ISO 14001).
    • flexibility in our performance scope (from product development through to distribution), manufacturing quantities in the event that product sales change, batch size options (from 1 litre to 2 tonnes) and container types (from 1 to 1,000 litres).
    • our development department: You have available a team of experienced chemists, engineers and technicians with highly modern laboratories and where we can also undertake development work for special product wishes.
    • efficient manufacturing: With our comprehensively equipped technical facilities we are able to meet very many requirements (e.g. filling under clean-room conditions(Class 5, DIN ISO 16644 ~ Class 3, VDI-1983 ~ US Class 100, US FS 209b)).



    Give us a call, we will be happy to assist you!


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