MarCablo S
Series 18 210

Cable printing


Special ink for ring-marking onto silicone rubber insulated electric wires.

Basis Solvent based synthetic resin
Application method Disc-Marker e.g. Medek + Schörner RS
Form of supply All international colour shades e.g. RAL, IEC 304 and also metallic shades available
Technical Data
Solid content17 - 27%depending on the shade ISO 3251
Density0,80 - 1,10 g/cm³depending on the shade ISO 2811-1 at 23°C
Viscosity23"/3 mmEN ISO 2431 at 23°C
Flash point- 6°CISO 1523
PreparationBefore using add the whole content of the bottle R911 (crosslinker) to one container with 18215. Stir before use.
DilutionHERKULA special thinner 18 290 to readjust the viscosity in the machine. Amount of thinner depends on the machine.
CuringAfter printing a further thermal treatment at 150°C is advisable. Print on hot insulations approx. 100°C e.g. after extruder.
Process speedup to 500 m/min
CleaningHERKULA special cleaning agent 35014
Shelf life: 6 months in a well closed can, After adding the crosslinker the storage must not exceed 2 months at 15-25°C, Standard Packaging: 1 L can (other packaging on request)
Observe your Material Safety Data Sheet as well as the instructions on the label
It is advisable to pre-cool the silicone rubber after extrusion by means of ambient air or water jet (residual water must be blown of). Depending upon the insulation it may be necessary to use a gas flame before and/or after print, Do not use the ink longer than 8 hours when working from an open container
  • No influence on the electrical characteristics
  • Resistant to benzene directly after printing
  • Fast to abrasion
  • Pigments are free of lead and other heavy metal
  • Version: 15/02/2016
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