Series 830/807

Optical Fibre coating


Colourless UV curable resin for the generation of a soft inner coating of Tight Buffer (TB) and Compact Fibre Units (CFU) with good strippability

Basis Reactive mono- and oligomers
Application method Color coding and coating line e.g. Medek + Schörner, Nextrom and others followed by the application of an outer Tight Buffer (Series 831) or in combination with thermoplastic materials (online processing). Offline processing as single coat is not possible.
Form of supply Colourless resin
Technical Data
Density1,00 - 1,10 g/cm³ISO 2811-1 at 40°C
Viscosity3800 - 4100 mPasDIN 53019-1 cone/plate at 40°C
Flash point> 100°CISO 1523
PreparationStir before use. Prevent to beat air bubbles into resin
CuringEffected by means of high-pressure mercury vapour lamps or Fusion bulbs
Process speedup to 500 m/min
CleaningHERKULA special cleaning agent 35014
Shelf life: One year in a well closed bucket (<30°C) protected from light, Standard Packaging: 5 kg bucket
Observe your Material Safety Data Sheet as well as the instructions on the label
No evaporating solvent, no relevant shrinkage, temperature range from -40 to 80°C, soft and flexible at temperatures down to -40°C
  • No detectable influence on the properties of the optical fibres
  • Good strippability
  • Version: 02/06/2014
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