Series 827 F

Optical Fibre coating


Colourless UV curable resin for the generation of ribbon-encapsulation of optical fibres

Basis Reactive mono- and oligomers
Application method Color coding and coating line e.g. Medek + Schörner, Nextrom and others
Form of supply Transparent (coloured version in 12 brilliant and clearly distinguishable shades also available)
Technical Data
Density1,03 - 1,13 g/cm³depending ISO 2811-1 at 30°C
Viscosity2200 - 2450 mPasDIN 53019-1 cone/plate at 30°C
Flash point> 100°CISO 1523
PreparationStir before use. Prevent to beat air bubbles into resin
CuringEffected by means of high-pressure mercury vapour lamps or Fusion bulbs
Process speedup to 1000 m/min
CleaningHERKULA special cleaning agent 35014
Shelf life: One year in a well closed can (<30°C) protected from light, Standard Packaging: 10 kg HDPE can
Observe your Material Safety Data Sheet as well as the instructions on the label
No evaporating solvent, contains no NVP, no relevant shrinkage
  • No detectable influence on the properties of the optical fibres
  • Good strippability
  • Pigments are free of lead and other heavy metal
  • Version: 02/06/2014
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