On 24th August 1999, Bodo Franke, former President of the Management Board of the “Farbwerke Herkula, Sankt Vith AG”, signed the charter of the worldwide Responsible Care Initiative. Herkula has thereby committed itself, as a member of the Association of the Chemical Industry, to responsible action in the areas of the environment, safety and health.

We continually implement the international vision of the Responsible Care Charter in our daily practice, which is governed by a sense of responsibility towards our employees, business partners and the environment. Our goals are: to promote sustainability, demonstrate product responsibility, create greater safety for the works and neighbourhood and to improve safety at the workplace and environmental protection.

The concrete implementation of these goals is reflected in numerous measures, such as:

  • In the case of product development, we give comprehensive consideration to health, environmental and safety aspects.
  • We ensure that our employees are regularly trained in the area of safety at work and in terms of increasing their awareness of safety and the environment.
  • We operate safe production facilities and ensure constant compliance with high safety standards.
  • We work closely with the environmental authorities.
  • We are committed to discontinue the manufacture of products or to restrict their marketing if so required for protection against health or environmental hazards by a scientific risk assessment.
  • We continually improve the safety of our products: by the selection of raw materials, manufacture, storage, transport, distribution, application, recycling and disposal.
  • As part of our product stewardship, we inform our customers about regulations on the storage and the safe use of our products.
  • By means of our company fire service, we provide greater safety for the employees and the neighbourhood.

Company fire service

The Herkula company fire service consists of a 14-man, regularly trained team (12 men and 2 women) and has one fire truck. In case of emergencies, the Herkula fire service is also available to support other local fire services.

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